The spectacular tricks that a smartphone camera is capable of

Nowadays, most photos are taken using mobile phones. And since the quality of cameras built into mobile devices is improved by the development of new technologies, you may need some useful skills that will allow you to get pictures that are quite comparable in quality to professional ones.

Photographer Lorenz Holder shot a video with seven simple and amazingly effective tricks that can be done with an iPhone or other device on android:

1. Panoramic row

First of all, switch your camera to panoramic mode. Then ask your model to run a few circles around you, then disappearing from the frame, then reappearing. Result: the same person in the same picture in different poses. 
2. “Panel” from a car window

Switch the camera to panoramic mode and shoot everything from the car window. 
3. Image Zoom

This focus is done with binoculars. 
4. Macro lens

For this trick you need only a drop of water on the lens. A small droplet will not roll when shooting, but it will successfully replace a magnifying glass. Ideal for photographing all kinds of insects. 
5. Reflector

For this trick, a reflective sun screen for the windshield of the car is useful. Works great when shooting portraits. 
6. Stand and wire from the headphones

This trick will allow you to take selfies from a farther distance 
7. Underwater shooting

A spectacular shot with an ordinary glass.