15 tricks to take travel photos like a pro

Travel photographer Cole Rise is an Instagram star. He has over 900 thousand subscribers, and the Rise filter he created is popular with mobile photo enthusiasts around the world.

Recently, Cole gave some practical advice to everyone who wants to bring beautiful pictures from travel. All you need is a telephone and your sense of beauty.

Tricks of Photographers

1. Take pictures of people whenever you can. Landscapes look better with people.

“People create a mood,” Cole says. Most of his shots capture his girlfriend Kate.

2. In addition, people help create a sense of scale.

Only the man on the steps of this ruined temple allows one to appreciate how massive the ruins are.

3. Try shooting in burst mode from the car window.

It is never impossible to guess what you will succeed. Most burst smartphones have a burst mode

4. Install the phone on the roof of your car to get an unusual visual effect.

If there are clouds in the sky at the time of shooting, the reflection on the roof will add personality to your shot.

5. Approaching the phone to the very surface of the water can also give a vivid result.

6. Do not be afraid to use portrait mode in unusual situations.

7. Dip below to get a more interesting foreground.

Typically, phones have poor depth of field, so you will need to put it on the ground. Such a perspective will help visually raise the subject in the frame.

What you need to remember when traveling

8. Be invisible, try to mix with the crowd and do not wear a backpack.

As a tourist hung with gadgets, you become a walking target for thieves. On trips, Cole does not wear bright things, holds his phone and camera closer to himself and leaves his backpack at home.

If you want to take a picture of a local resident or a person on the street, be sure to ask him for permission.

9. Bad weather — great weather for the photographer.

Sometimes rain or snow becomes ideal conditions for shooting. Cloudy days can also give you no less vivid frames than clear ones.

10. Buy a waterproof case and insure your phone.

11. Examine your phone’s hotkeys to capture the fleeting moments.

This photo of a low flying airplane was shot on a smartphone. Cole managed to unlock the phone and take a picture of the plane right above his head. For such moments, you need to know how the hot keys work on your phone.

12. The most important thing is to go further than anyone else.

The only way to find truly beautiful places is to explore them. If you visit a monument — go away from the whole crowd of tourists. Cole often says: «Live an interesting life, and then the pictures will appear by themselves.»

The art of editing

13. Lighten the shadows and dim the glare for better balance.

14. Most photo editing applications allow you to adjust the balance of light and shadow in the picture.

15. Add vignetting and enhance the shadows to make the photo brighter.

16. Vignette is one of Cole’s favorite tricks, which slightly darkens the borders of the photo along the edges, making the central part of the picture brighter. Since the original shot was dark, Cole slightly increased its brightness and sharpness to emphasize balloons and landscape.

17. Edit the photo, and then go back and reduce your corrections by 50%.

18. This is the secret of a good photo that looks natural: traces of manipulations with photo editors are not visible on it.