5 tips for taking beautiful vacation photos

Woman photo

he basis of any strong frame is a successful composition. As the German photographer Albrecht Riessler writes in his book Language of Composition, “everything that is present in an image is always considered relative to its borders. «The shape and size of the frame, as well as the relative location of objects in it, can give completely different results.» We have chosen five tips from the master from Germany, which will be useful to you during your summer trip and help you make beautiful photos.

Tip 1. Statues and cozy places

You can charm the viewer with a photograph, first of all, with the image format, or aspect ratio. According to Riesler, this is a key factor in determining the quality of photography. With it, you can achieve completely different effects, visually enhance or reduce the emphasis on the subject.

Its horizontal version is ideal for wide-angle panoramic shots. Vertical, as in the picture of the Statue of Liberty, acquires a proud sound with arrogant notes.

Square photos are relaxed. Their proportions do not pull the viewer’s gaze to one side. From the photograph with a rocking chair on the porch and an almost square fragment of the background, the atmosphere is calm. It can not be called boring, thanks to the perspective and contrast.

Tip 2. Paradise beaches

If you like a beach holiday, take a walk along the sea at sunset or dawn. Light early in the morning and late in the evening is ideal for taking pictures. At this time, an attractive contrast is created between water, sky and the beach. And the diagonals formed by these elements are especially noticeable at sunrise and sunset. They enhance the feeling of depth.

A photograph of a beach in Andalusia shows how the silhouette of a person works on the composition of the photograph.The diagonal of the coastline is implicit, but the location of people relative to each other gives an additional effect.

The picture becomes attractive due to the contrast between the people in the background, decisively leaning forward, and the uncertain pose of the woman in the foreground. The vertical of her pose intersects the horizon line at about the point where the golden ratio suggests the greatest harmony.

Tip 3. Poor view from the hotel window

Bad view from the hotel window? Maybe there’s nothing special to look at, but it’s still possible to make an interesting photo.Look from a different angle, turn the camera a bit or zoom in.

The example below shows that the thin curved contour of the mountains contrasts interestingly with the angular building in the foreground. The plot is gradually becoming more attractive.

When approaching, a pole and electric wires come to the fore. The large monochrome area of ​​the building is contrasted by a thin line of wires, and their dark silhouette forms a sharp contrast of light and shadow.

By slightly changing the focal length, you can enter the edge of the roof into the frame, taking your eyes into the spatial depth of the image.

Tip 4. Long Streets

Some places are photographed thousands of times a day. For example, the embodiment of German romanticism is the old bridge in Heidelberg. From it, tourists enjoy views of the city and the ruins of the castle.In the morning and evening the bridge is not crowded and takes on the charm of antiquity.

At this time, modern buildings are hidden under the cover of fog. Off-centered perspective makes the shot more interesting. The frame also wins due to the key points that divert the view from the photographer to the pedestrian in the upper corner. For shooting on the roofs, contact us at the https://rooftopproposal.nyc

Tip 5. Amazing details

This bay is one of the most bizarre in Mallorca. A shot with a general view of the area may be suitable for promotional travel materials. It is better for the photographer to focus on some detail that will convey the special atmosphere of the Mediterranean island.

Such a detail could be a whitewashed wall in the shadow of Aleppo pine among the rocks. When working with multifaceted landscapes, the rejection of a large-scale general view in favor of the private will be justified.

Try experimenting on your next trip with a few tricks from Albrecht Riesler. They will be useful to both professionals and amateurs. Great shots!