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Whether your windows and doors are past their prime or you’ve always wanted a new conservatory, this newsletter will cover what you need to know about glazing home improvements.




If your windows are old, causing draughts, leaks or condensation, it might be about time that you  start gathering window replacement quotes. Here are some of the reasons why new, double glazed windows, are better than older ones:

  • New windows are safer (as older windows can be a weak point for burglars to get in)
  • Older windows could be making your home look run-down and out of style.
  • New windows can retain heat better in your home. This increases the energy efficiency of your home and can lead to a reduction in your heating bills.
  • Newer windows can reduce cold spots, draughts, leaks and heat loss.
  • Older windows could be letting more noise in – if you live on a busy street you can get a better nights sleep with new windows, as they reduce noise pollution.
Sash Windows:

Sash windows open upwards, so that no extra space is taken up when the windows are open. This style of window can be horizontal or vertical and tends to be popular on older properties.

Georgian Windows:

Georgian windows will have bars across them, but you can find windows with many different patterns, styles and colours with a similar effect. Georgian style windows tend to suit traditional style properties and open like casement style windows.

Casement Windows:

Casement windows are a popular choice of window for many homeowners as their simple design allows maximum light to enter your home. The windows that open have a hinge on one side and open away from the home.

Bay Window:

A bay window is made up of 3 or more, angled, window panels. This style of window lets in tons of light and can add some extra space to ground floor rooms.

Tilt and Turn Windows:

This is a modern style of window that enables you to open your windows both sideways and upwards. Tilt and turn windows are easy to clean and mean you can open your window partially, without any hassle.


There are lots of good reasons to update the exterior doors in your home, whether you want to increase security, add some style or just make the neighbours jealous.



Front doors can come in all sorts of different colours, finishes, styles and materials, depending on what you are looking for. Bright coloured front doors are becoming more popular across the UK – and why not? A bright yellow door can put a smile on your face at the end of the day!
brand front new door can increase the security of your home but for extra peace of mind you can choose a security door as your front door. These look like regular doors from the outside, with a wide range of colours and styles, but come with extra choices for lock-type and security measures. Find Out About Security Doors.

Back Doors:

If you want a back door that can improve both the outside and the inside of your home, a glass patio door might be your best option. They bring in floods of light and come in three main styles.
French doors are double doors that open outwards from the home. They tend to suit more traditional style homes and look great with a wooden finish, lines across the glass, and either in natural wood or painted colours. However these can be made to look more modern when finished in PVCu, so can suit any style of property.


Bi-fold doors have long panes of glass with thin frames, each frame is hinged to the frame next to it so that the door can be folded out of the way when the door is open. This style of door is becoming more and more popular as they are convenient, versatile and allow for floods of light.

Sliding doors have thin panes, to allow for maximum light, and slide in to one another so that they do not take up extra space when the doors are open. They look great in PVCu or aluminium and can add a modern touch to any home or conservatory.



Conservatories are very popular in the UK as they allow us to make the most of our gardens during the colder months. Not only are they great multi-purpose rooms, they can also increase the value of your home.

On average, installing a conservatory can give you a return on investment of 108%when you go to sell. As long as your conservatory is of a good quality and gets plenty of year-round use.

Planning ahead with a conservatory is important as you need to think about ways to cool your conservatory in the summer and to heat your conservatory in the winter – discussing your needs with a glazing installer would help. A surefire way to improve temperature control is to install a lightweight tiles roof on to your conservatory.