Best Activities In Marbella

Best Activities In Marbella


When browsing for things to do in Marbella it can often be overwhelming with so many things to do and often a limit on time choosing the best things to do in Marbella based on what you and your family or group will enjoy the most. This is where the search begins but where it ends is My Marbella Weekender, with all the most fun activities not only categorised and detailed in one place but also the option to have the team book and arrange it all for you, this can be a significant load off when looking to book for a large family or group.

By using a booking agent not only will all the stress of booking an arranging your trip be taken care of you will also get a will get a full itinerary and often get added bonuses you you would not of got by going to each venue directly, add to that the personal touch of unbiased advice on where to go and when an event and activities planner is by far the best choice especially of groups of 4 and up.

Some of the best things to do in Marbella are:


Beach clubs:

Beach clubs such as ocean club and plaza beach club Marbella are top hits with people looking for a party beach club feel, if you are looking for more of a relaxed and family feel beach club La Cabane is a favourite.

Adrenaline Activities:

you dont have to be a dare devil to enjoy some fun packed thrilling action activities such as climbing La concha mountain, rock climbing, hiking as well as mountain biking and water sports are all things that can be done with different skill levels and ages catered for.


Marbella is well known for its nightlife whether you are looking for a dinner and show experience to rival ibiza, nightclubs with a list musicians or fun pact bars such as linkers what ever you are looking for Marbella has to offer.


Day trips:

Although Marbella has a lot to offer within just 2-3 short hours drive offers a wide range of cultural and fun packed activities that are worth a visit if there is time.

wine tasting in Ronda, strolling through the street markets in Morocco, eating some of the best Spanish cuisine in Seville or skiing in Sierra Nevada Mountain range in Grenada each and every one is worth a visit if possible.


My Marbella Weekender takes care of it all and if you are planning a visit to Marbella and the Costa Del Sol it is highly recommended to visit